A2B2 Press Conference: Debbie Dingell, Yousef Rabhi, Abdul El-Sayed​, Jane Duggan​

Speakers at the A2B2 Press Conference highlighted the importance of the US Postal Service for our democracy, our economy, our health and connecting our citizens regardless of where they live.

7/16/20, Ann Arbor, Michigan – Save the US Postal Service

Ann Arbor Beyond Bernie, A2B2, organized a socially distanced Press Conference in front of the Federal Building and Post Office at the Liberty Station in Ann Arbor.

Abdul El-Sayed​, Doctor and Public Health Professor, 2018 Candidate for Michigan Governor, 2020 Bernie Surrogate
“Let’s not forget that taking on this pandemic, that exercising our democratic rights, that empowering our federal government and public services, is all part of the same fight, and I’m really proud to be here to fight that fight with you tonight.”

Yousef Rabhi, Ann Arbor native representing HD 53 in Michigan House
“What is happening with this attack on the postal service, is an an attack on our civic infrastructure, it is an attack on our democracy, and our ability to maintain this democracy in a pandemic, forever! Because voting from home is about more than just a pandemic, it is a good way to increase voter turnout, which should be a goal of ours in this country.”

Debbie Dingell, US Congresswoman representing MI CD 1

“Do you know how much it is to just mail an envelope from federal express these days? $29! Do you know how many people can afford to send a whole lot of mail at $29 these days? That’s outrageous! No American should have to worry about how to get their medicine …because some person… wants to make another profit at their expense. The post office is a utility, it is a public service to our community, and we have to protect it!”

Jane Duggan 27 yr. veteran of the US Postal Service. member, steward and officer two postal workers unions.
Jane Duggan highlighted how Trump’s new Postmaster General just implemented extreme new regulations that will regularly prevent postal workers from completing their daily routes. He is eliminating all overtime (this while most offices are running w/ 60% staffing due to COVID!) Ms. Duggan also emphasized that well paying jobs for thousands of people are at stake, as well as reliable mail service to even the remote parts of the country.

See video recordings of the full speeches here: https://a2b2.us/save-usps

Ann Arbor Beyond Bernie, A2B2, is an activist, decentralized autonomous organization, welcoming all those who support the progressive agenda of Bernie Sanders. We work together for a world where people are placed over profit.


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