Ann Arbor Beyond Bernie (A2B2) moves us from a single candidate campaign to a real progressive policy, candidate, and activism group. Focus will be given especially (but not exclusively) to local issues and candidates. For many of us, Bernie Sanders lit a fire within that opened our eyes and gave us hope for a better, more just future for ourselves and future generations. I will personally forever be grateful for that. While Bernie may have struck the match that started the fire, the movement continues with or without him.

We seek to embody a beloved community that welcomes everyone who seeks a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world.  We practice love and respect for one another within A2B2 so that we can do the same when facing the world.  We seek to harness these values to shape a new world.

 We will continue this fight for fundamental change. We will continue holding both Republicans AND Democrats accountable for their actions and inaction. We will continue advocating for:
    racial justice     environmental justice
    a Green New Deal     economic justice
    ending forever wars     Medicare for All
    affordable housing     student debt forgiveness
    ending tax breaks for the rich     breaking the power of money in our politics
    *making clean drinking water a human right.

    A2B2 will support activists, campaigns and candidates who share these values.  We will lobby in offices and march in streets towards passing truly progressive policies. No more milquetoast “solutions”. No more faux progressives. No more upholding a system that is built on racism and the monetization of human beings. We demand justice and aren’t satisfied with peace at the expense of the black community, the native community, the latinx community, or the working poor.
We will continue this work. Our movement is bigger than Bernie. The  movement is all of us.
Not me, US.”