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Internet Slow?

Are you having problems with Bandwidth during video conferencing? Before you enter a conference, to check the speed of your connection click here. It is also good to login to your provider account and check the speed you’re supposed to be getting from your Internet Service Provider. No one ever gets what they promise, but you should get something at least between 50 to 75% of what they’re claiming.

If your speed is good:

If you still have a problem then ask everyone on the call to mute themselves and turn off their video when they are not speaking. Some people may need to turn off their video, even when they are speaking.

If your speed is bad:

Please try to reboot your modem. Here is an excellent article.

2 replies on “Internet Slow?”

Thanks for the pointers Ron. Is it possible that there is a throttling issue when the whole town is Zooming around at once?

Internet can slow down in your neighborhood when everybody is watching Netflix at the same time. That said, I simply do not trust Comcast and wonder whether they are throttling people. The mere fact that your download speed is about 10 times faster than your upload speed assumes that we should all be passive consumers of the internet and not contributors to the internet. For years many people have argued that our upload speeds should be just as fast as alright download speeds. That would promote democracy.

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