Ann Arbor Beyond Bernie, A2B2, is an activist, decentralized autonomous organization, welcoming all those who support the progressive agenda of Bernie Sanders. We work together for a world where people are placed over profit.


By employing the principles of bottom-up democracy and inclusion, we seek to embody a loving community that welcomes everyone who seeks a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world. We practice love and respect for one another within A2B2 so that we can do the same when facing the world. We seek to harness these values to shape a new world, that is pro-democracy and anti-fascist.

The origin of our logo

Watch this video with Bernie in 2016, if you never saw the bird landing on his podium at a rally in Portland. Many people began using a bird for a logo in different creations. We got an SVG file of a finch from the Noun Project (Creative Commons Attribution license) and colors were added by Margarete Koenen using Sketch.

Portland, OR 2016


DrRon Suarez – Web Admin and Communications

This blog has been created as the public face of A2B2, Ann Arbor Beyond Bernie.We also have a private group in the NeighborSquad.org social network. I’m usually smiling, but not in the photo shown here taken right after the murder of George Floyd. You can see more about me in my extended personal profile inside our social network. You can contact me using the social network’s Contact page or email me here: news [at] a2b2 [dot] us